Oct 9, 2022
Updated UOAssist.dll so enchanted apples and conflag potions should count correctly.
Jun 22, 2018
First - sorry for the trouble the updated UOAssist.exe caused.  I put some info on the update page but here is more.  I decided to see if putting some ads on the update page (may put some on the website as well) would generate some revenue.  I was hoping that if it did enough to cover the bills I could just make UOAssist free but that will take some time to see if it does.  I know it is totally evil to try and make a few bucks without costing anyone anything.:)

Anyway, there has been a problem with UpdateAce since the beginning that being when you click on a link it opens the link always in IE/Edge rather than your default browser.  I had forgotten about this long ago as I really have no need to click on links there.  But when I was testing the ads I noticed it again and decided to fix it.  Well the fix took just a few minutes so I tested it in XP and Win10 and it all looked good.  This fix was around 10 lines of code.  Since updateace.dll is 'embedded' in UOAssist.exe (did that so it could be distributed as one file instead of making a 'dedicated' installer) I updated UOAssist.exe so it would make sure the updateace.dll it was using was at least version which had the fix in it for opening the default browser.  No other changes were made to UOAssist.exe's code - BUT it was compiled with a newer version of the compiler.  Didn't even cross my mind that so many virus programs would start flagging it as a virus after all these years when the changes in the code were so small.

As mentioned on the updates page UOAssist does do 'virus like' things.  Namely it has a compressed 'payload' - updateace.dll.  It also 'injects' code into UO, that is how it functions as 'part' of UO.  So it isn't too surprising that it finally got flagged as a virus - it was once before that I remember but that was several years ago.  So I have now made more changes and according to virustotal.com now only 3 out of 67 virus programs flag it.  Hopefully that will get the browser safe people (google) to stop flagging the website as a naughty as well.

I also am working on getting a code signing certificate which may help as well.  But it has been delayed since I have moved since I started up Tugsoft (a couple of times) and the last time I didn't correct the address and phone number with places like Dunn and Bradstreet and only updated my address state so the verification is taking longer.

Sorry for all the trouble and concern it has/may have caused.
Jun 20, 2018
Seems some virus programs incorrectly are flagging the newer UOAssist.exe as malware.  Most likely this is because of the behavior of UOAssist.exe ( having embedded files updateace.dll ) in it that it extracts and puts on the hard drive and such that they think is suspicious.  So I've put back up the old version of UOAssist.exe that actually is the same code (code in updateace.dll did change but not uoassist.exe) to avoid this issue.

If your virus program is flagging UOAssist.exe as a suspected virus/trojan ... you can download UOAssist.exe from the Updates page which should help. 
Jun 17, 2018
Updated UOAssist.exe more information on the Updates page.
Dec 20, 2016
Found that trials didn't work past 2016 and corrected it.
Jul 23, 2016
With help from Freja on Seige Perilous a long standing bug has been fixed.  If you ever just 'froze' while you could see others around you still move, or had to restart to get moving again this update should correct that problem.  Big thanks out to Freja for providing me a way to reproduce the problem.