Nov 13, 2015
Fixed the long standing problem UOAssist had when you logged out and then back in without restarting UO.  No longer should you get the error about UOAssist not knowing what account is being used.
Oct 19, 2013
There were some changes to the data steam with the latest UO update that caused a number of problems including counting of resources.  I believe I have them corrected and things working better again.  Let me know if you continue to have problems after updating.  (  )

Mar 15, 2012
Working with some patient players I was able to track down more problems that I couldn't reproduce locally.  But to fix one of the problems I had to change some code that was there to prevent UOAssist from loading multiple times into the same UO.  I'm not sure it is still necessary since I've made so many changes to how loading happens over the years.  If you start seeing multiple UOAssist windows popping up please let me know.  

Also, let me know if you are still seeing problems loading.  First try the different load methods as described earlier but if that doesn't help  shoot an email off to UOAssist[at]  (replace [at] with @ ).

I have also heard a couple of other popular UO utilities are not working.  One of them being UOAM which a number of people think is a Tugsoft product but it never was actually and I don't have the source code to work on it.  UOAM's creator Belxan is a great guy that I had the pleasure to met him and his family years ago but I wouldn't count on him coming out of retirement to work on it.  I haven't looked into it specifically but I think during the recent UO patches I saw the map files getting changed into the newer compressed containers EA is using now instead of the original format that UOAM knew how to read.  If that is the case putting the old files back in the UO folder MIGHT get it working again at least until EA updates the maps.

Mar 14, 2012
2nd update - Found a problem that occured with 'old' UO installs still having trouble because UOAssist insisted on still using UOPatch.exe as the patcher instead of UO.exe. Fixed that so it should help a number of people.
Found a problem with the changes I made for the new UO patch system that ultimately was causing UOAssist to not load with UO.  I believe I fixed it so get the latest patch if you haven't already and try it out.  If you do still have the problem with UOAssist not loading with UO please try all 3 of the load methods and let me know if some/all of them are not working for you.

Before reporting trouble please make sure you are running the latest versions of UOAssist.exe and UOAssist.dll by clicking the Settings button at the bottom right of the UOAssist update/news page.  At the bottom it will display the versions - they should be UOAssist.exe and UOAssist.dll

Sorry for the trouble but I will keep working on a solution if this latest UOAssist update doesn't correct the problem.
Mar 14, 2012
Some email has been received with people explaining they aren't seeing UOAssist after getting the latest patches for both UO and UOAssist and this has been confirmed for certain settings.  Here is a work around until that gets fixed.
  • Start UOAssist
  • On the UOAssist news/update page click the Settings button in the bottom right corner.
  • Near the top middle of the screen you'll see the 'Load UOAssist using' options.
  • Select the 'oldest' method.

Mar 14, 2012
  • Posted a new version of UOAssist.  Visit the Updates page for more info.